History of Independent Riders

As some are aware this website was once"INDEPENDENT HOG". A story that has never been told by the defendant involved (silence can be golden). Hear it only here. Trouble in paradise when one is upset over me playing around learning to add a shopping cart to my website to sell off items I had custom made or no longer want. To bully one with lawyer's is not a way to gain respect nor keep customers. To get respect you must give respect! Sometimes in life it is easier to blame other's for your problems instead of looking inside ones self for the real problem. The key point to realize is this, hurt enough players, major or minor, and you in effect hurt yourself. This company has used trademark infringement as a legal catch-all to "legally" harass anyone that their paranoid lawyers view as a threat to profit. If they really want to survive, they would be much better off just leaving the little guy alone, the guy that made them what they are today. If one wanted us to go away, it worked, we no longer go there nor do we support them.

We do support all others.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going".